Winy Jacobs

Artist Biography
I was born into a very creative family of potters and musicians and my father is a professional photographer,
so I learned from an early age to look at things with quality attention combined with my love of Nature and drawing talent.
I was 23 years old when I began to paint.
I followed the classical academic path of art school but I actually learned the most through personally exploring and experimenting .... extending my own boundaries from within.
I use oil and acrylics impressionistically ...with abstract paint daubs I search for the balance between form and expression.
Colour, movement of line and light shout from the canvas with a passion for Life itself.
In my work horses play an important role.For me they symbolise vitality,power and rebellion.
My glamour paintings are also very with this subject I am able to show that the glitter is just a thin facade concealing the truth.
I feel very free in my work and inspiration is my guide.
Nation of origin
The Netherlands
Exhibition or Biennale Edition