Gerdine Duijsens

Artwork title
Montepulciano 2018
Artist Biography
Gerdine Duijsens was born in Utrecht, The Netherlands.
She studied art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Arendonk, Belgium.
Currently she has her studio and gallery close to Amsterdam, in the lovely village Abcoude.

Gerdine has a unique style of painting, best described as: lyrical impressionism

Gerdines work is known, and sold, all over the world. Her paintings are popular in galleries from Zurich Honk Kong and from Cambridge to Los Angeles.
She’s famous - and highly appreciated - for her humoristic 'High Society Eating and Drinking Scenes': ‘slightly’ overweight women and men, sipping their wines and champagnes with their noses high up in the air. This gives them a humoristic arrogance, but also shows a disturbing ‘boredom’.

Supposingly contrary to this ‘light’, humorous work, are Gerdines impressive paintings of Animals, for instance horses. With loose, but effective strokes she brings their strength and power alive.

But, at the same time, Gerdine knows how to capture the silent beauty of nature. This is shown in her strong, yet fine paintings of delicate flowers, such as lovely poppy’s. … But also in her mystical human faces.

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> At the Biennale Chianciano 2018 Gerdine Duijsens received a Special Mention for Merits.
> At the Biennale Florence in 2011 she received an Honorable Mention being among in the first 20 artists.
Nation of origin
The Netherlands
Exhibition or Biennale Edition