Aleksandra Kann-Bogomilska

Artwork title
With wind
Artwork Media
sculpture: bronze + stone + glass
Artist Biography
Aleksandra Kann-Bogomilska was born in Poland, Warsaw. Her parents, Piotr Kann and Zofia Pocilowska were sculptors.
In 1984 she has received a diploma in the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.
Member of the Association of Polish Artists and Designers and L'Association du Salon d'Automne International (France). She is a sculptor, painter and a conservator and restorer of monuments. Her works, especially those connecting paintings and sculptures, dance and music, indicate the correspondence of arts.
Works by Aleksandra Kann-Bogomilska were displayed on several individual exhibitions, including Polish Social and Cultural Association Gallery in London (1997), Galerie Mona Lisa in Paris (2015), House of Visual Artists in Warsaw (2010, 2016), “Aleksandra Kann-Bogomilska Peintures” exhibition of paintings in Mona Lisa Gallery (Paris 2015), “Aleksandra Kann-Bogomilska Sculptures” exhibition of sculptures in Galerie MONOD (Paris 2018), and many other collective displays in Warsaw, Berlin, Sofia, Sydney, New Delhi, Paris, Tel Aviv, Strasbourg, including: 11th TRIENNALE – INDIA 2003-04 - National Academy of Art (Delhi), House of Visual Artists in Warsaw (2009 - 2015), Salon d'Automne '2013 – sculpture ”Calme” (Paris); Salon d'Automne '2014 – sculpture “Douleur - Camille Claudel – Mère dédiée” (Paris); Salon 2014 de la SNBA, Caroussel du Louvre – National Society of Fine Arts - sculpture “Calme” (Paris), Salon d'Automne International France-Israël '2014 – sculptures “STOP” and “Onde” (Tel Aviv); personal exposition of peintings in Mona Lisa Gallery (Paris 2015); Sculpturum '2015 - Salon Européen de la Sculpture (seven sculptures; in Strasbourg); Salon d'Automne '2015 – sculpture “Curtain of silence” (Paris); Salon d’Automne ‘2017 – sculpture “Veronique”; Salon des Artistes Français (ART CAPITAL – Grand Palais (2016 - peinture “Stillness”, 2017 - sculpture “Without title”); Salon ‘2017 de la SNBA, Caroussel du Louvre – National Society of Fine Arts - sculpture ”With wind” (Paris); Chianciano Art Contest ICAC 2017 sculptures “Dualism” and “Halplessness”; exhibition of the finalists of competition NANO ART - Galerie Roi Doré (+ distinction) - 2017; personal exposition of sculptures in Galerie MONOD - Paris 2018, Biennale Chianciano 2018 - sculptures "With Wind", Calme", "Without title" + The Leonardo Award for Sculpture First Prize.

Nation of origin
Exhibition or Biennale Edition