Artwork title
There's a shadow, there's a ball
Artwork Media
Acrylic on canvas
Artist Biography
I was born and grew up in Germany.
In 1994 I moved to Norway and have lived in Oslo since.
I'm educated in pedagogy, art and yoga.
From 2012-2017 I worked at the studio in Dælenengata, Oslo, Norway.
Since September 2017 I share a studio at Østerdalsgata, Oslo, Norway.
I'm attracted by a figurative expression that I work with through photography, painting and drawing. I often use my own photographs as inspiration for my paintings and drawings.
I work out of events and social topics that touches me. Natural and urban environment are subjects in my work.
Raised in Cologne/Germany with childhoodsummers in Northern Germany and Denmark have formed the need to move me between city and nature surroundings. This influences my visual work.

I'm a member of NSFF (Norwegain Society for photography)
I participate regularly in exhibitions of the group "Künstler ohne Grenzen" in Germany.

2018 "Special mention for excellence", Chianciano Biennale 2018, Chianciano Art Museum,
2014 Bronzemedale for painting "From Iceland", Expo International Casa do Paca, Fiqueira da Foz, Portugal

Artrelated education
2017 Workshop in painting with Nirmal Singh Dhunshi, Spikkestad, Norway
2015 Litography Course 10 hours, Norwegian Printmakers Studio, Oslo, Norway
2013 Studytour to Nice, France
2012 Studytour to Barcelona, Spain
Workshop in painting with Nirmal Singh Dhunshi, Oslo
2005-08 Student at Vika Artschool, Oslo, Norway
2006 Summerschool in Landscapepainitng at the adult education center Husum, Germany
1999-00 Painting courses in watercolour painting by Øivind Nystrøm
1997 Seminar "Marketing av art" by NKLF
1989-90 Technical college of art, Cologne, Germany

Collective exhibitions
2018 Exhibition with "Art without borders VII", 14th KalkKunst, Cologne, Germany
Exhibition with Biennale Chianciano 2018, Chianciano Art Museum,Chianciano, Italy
Exhibition with Oslo Cameraclub, Albin Up gallery, Oslo, Norway
2017 Exhibition in Dælenenggata during Oslo Open
2016 Artists in Dælenenggata during Oslo Open
"Art without borders VI", 12th KalkKunst, Cologne, Germany
2015 "Smal Works", Limner Gallery, New York, USA
"Art without borders V", 11th KalkKunst, Cologne, Germany
2014 Artists in Dælenenggata during Oslo Open
Artcom Expo International Casa do Paca, Fiqueira da Foz, Portugal
Artcom Expo International La Coruña, Spain
Artcom Expo International, Louvre, Paris, France
Artcom Expo La Galleria Arteb, Bologna, Italy
"Art without borders IV", Integrationcenter, Cologne, Germany
2013 Exhibition with Marianne Fjær and Liv Ulveng during Oslo Open
"The Story of the Creative", New York, USA
2011-14 several exhibitions at Steinbruddet - meetingplace for art and culture, Oslo, Norway
2011 "Art without borders III", Kolping Hotel, Cologne, Germany
2010 "Art without borders II", Kolping Hotel, Cologne, Germany
2009 "Art without borders I", Kolping Hotel, Cologne, Germany
2008 TSLO, Fyns udstillingsbygg for Kunst og design, Odense, Denmark
Studentexhibitions at Vika artschool, Oslo
2007 TSLO, Fyns udstillingsbygg for Kunst og design, Odense, Denmark
Studentexhibitions at Vika artschool, Oslo
2006 TSLO, Fyns udstillingsbygg for Kunst og design, Odense, Denmark
Studentexhibitions at Vika artschool, Oslo
2005 "Kunst der Leser", Du-Mont Studio, Cologne, Germany
2000 Summerexhibition with Thove Anseth, Museumskroa Domkirkeodden, Hamar, Norway
Heia Hotell in Våler,Solør, Norway
Jubilee exhibition GKF Oslo Cityhall gallery, Oslo, Norway
1996-12 several exhibitions with Groruddalen Art society, Oslo, Norway
1996-03 several exhibitions with the paintergroup Fjøsloftet, Årvoll Gård, Oslo, Norway
1995 Norwegian-German cultural group at the German parish, Oslo

Solo exhibitions:
2006 "Photostudy of sunflowers", KaffeKunst, Youngstorget, Oslo, Norway
2005 "Along the way", Deichmanske libary Majorstua, Oslo, Norway
"A little seed", KaffeKunst, Pilestredet, Oslo, Norway
2004 "Along the way - part 1", Deichmanske libary Stovner, Oslo
"Along the way - part 2", Deichmanske libary Bjerke, Oslo
2002 "The 4 seasons", Årvoll Gård, Oslo

2018 Oslo Open, "Open studio" at Østerdalsgate 1, Oslo, Norway
2013, 2014, 2016 and 2017 Oslo Open" Open studio" with artists in Dælenenggata 4, Oslo, Norway
2015 Illustration for Norwegian Sarcoidosis membersmagazine, summer edition
Illustration for Interfarm, website
2013 Contributed with photo to the singlecover: "Paper Sunflowers" by Luca Siani
2012 Oslo culture night "Open studio" with the studio fellwoship Fjær, Karlsen, Langer and Ulveng, Oslo, Norway
2011 Contributed with digitale photos to the " The Appartjik Light Space Modulator " at Neue National Galerie, Berlin, Tyskland
2010 Book publication "Far away - yet close" Poems in 3 languages
book with photos and poems, Norwegian, German and English, Books on Demand, Germany

Nation of origin
Exhibition or Biennale Edition