Andrea Rossi

Artwork title
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Acrylic on canvas
Artist Biography
Andrea Rossi graduated in Advertising at Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti in Milan, Italy. Interactive environments were subject of his thesis, which resulted in an interactive installation celebrating Coupé, a car produced by Fiat. Tutor on this project was Paolo Rosa from art group Studioazzurro.
After working for some advertising agencies as an art director, he moved to London, UK where he started focusing on his art practice. Sixteen years later he moved back to Milan where he currently works and live.
To date, Rossi's work comprises paintings, videos, interactive installation projects, and experiments involving computer languages such as HTML5 and CSS. It has been shown in several countries: Germany, Italy, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the UK and the USA. Andrea Rossi has also the pleasure of gracing with his work homes and places in Italy, Portugal, Germany, France, the Gran Duchy of Luxembourg, the UK and Japan.
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