Winter Closure
Chianciano by Night will reopen in Spring 2020



What to do in the evening in Chianciano Terme?


Chianciano by night

chianciano by night

"The most fascinating experience I've had in the last 20 years in an Italian Medieval Center"

Lonnie Schlein
Pulitzer Prize




Spend a beautiful evening and visit 10 shows ...

... music and fun in the magical old town


chianciano by night

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Wine Tasting

Virtual Reality


What is Chianciano by Night

During this spectacular event, unique in its kind, you can participate in ten different types of experiences, visit hidden places in the medieval village and immerse yourself in a parallel world of wonder and magic.


chianciano by night


Have you ever felt the desire to relive the atmosphere of the Medici Court, to see the papers of Leonardo da Vinci, to taste the Chianti della Gioconda and the Vernaccia dei Papi? All this is possible in a setting of exciting shows, where the town is illuminated by the warm light of torches, where the joy of life explodes within the walls of the village, which becomes a new meeting point. Under the complicit moon runs a timeless life and thought becomes still. It will be easy to be totally absorbed in the past and experience the joy of a return to the Middle Ages, among the timeless lanes of this hidden Tuscany. You can admire the collection of Medieval Weapons and Armor with flying dragons, marching soldiers and other fantastic special effects.

But Chianciano by Night is not just a medieval fantasy world. It is also music, projections and entertainment, art and imagination that is completely contemporary. Inside the event you will find workstations for virtual reality that will make you live dozens of experiences.

The town's restaurants will offer you free tastings, you can participate in selected wine tastings and see art exhibitions. For those who love fashion it will be possible to make purchases at our designer outlets.

Under the starry sky a unique and exciting event


Visit the show!

Chianciano by Night
Piazza Matteotti, Historic Center of Chianciano Terme
From Wednesday to Sunday 
Opening of the grottos and galleries from 6pm 
Shows and light shows from 9.30 pm