Artist Studios

"Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep"

Scott Adams

Chianciano Terme is a city bursting with creativity where artists can come to paint and be inspired by the dreamlike nature and scenery of Tuscany, the nest of the Renaissance, as well as the fabulous history spanning from the Etruscans to the Medieval City states.

The city welcomes artists and there are numerous workshops that can be used freely by any artist. Studios are located in the 12th Century and medieval part of town as well as in within the "Forest of Thought", at the Art Museum and the Chianciano Arts Club.

Free/open studios include:

  • Bottega di Leonardo, Via delle Mura, Chianciano Historical Centre
  • Dante's Grotto, Via dei Forni, Chianciano Historical Centre
  • Turner Gallery, Via Solferino, Chianciano Historical Centre
  • Pitti Gallery, Chianciano Historical Centre


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