Sophie Schubakoff

Artwork title
Lied 3 Mont on mulla morsianta Op.100 Nr.45 Säveltäjä Yrjö Kilpinen
Artwork Media
Acrylic Paint on Canvas
Artist Biography
Sophie Schubakoff received her Master’s Degree in Fine Arts in 2011 from Kuvataideakatemia in Helsinki, Finland (during her studies she took part in an exchange program in UCL Slade in London, UK) She has exhibited around the world in: Finland, Monaco, Italy, France, England, America, and many more.
Sophie has been developing her signature style, which includes the theme of water. Her paintings consist of emotions and psychological mirrors. She flirts with the relationship between shapes and colors. The water is merely used as a tool to observe the subjects and merge them together to conjure a narrative free to interpretation just as the water is free with movement. Her paintings adapt to the surroundings just like Sophie with her cosmopolitan background of moving around as a child allowing a diverse understanding of different cultures that is embedded in her works. Her paintings seem larger than life, when seen in person the vast size is mesmerizing.

Jump inside the paintings, all it takes is your imagination to activate the waves
Nation of origin
Exhibition or Biennale Edition
International Art Award 2012