Masood Khan

Artwork title
shadow of afternoon
Artwork Media
ink and acrilyc on paper
Artist Biography
I was Born in Kushtia, Bangladesh in 1959. I am a self taught artist and have show cased my works extensively within Pakistan and abroad, such as USA (Honolulu), Dubai, UK, New Zealand and Europe. I have received the first prize in the Chianciano,Italy, Biennale(European confederation of art critic award/works on paper).
Hailing from a South Indian family, I grew up in East Pakistan(now Bangladesh) in a small town called KUSHTIA near north of Bengal. After Dhaka fall(1971,when east Pakistan was separated from west Pakistan by indo pak war) my family was confined to a concentration camp as prisoner of war in Allahabad as my father was in Pak Army at that time.i also remained in the camp for two and half year,i was 10 year old that time.we were released from the camp in1973 and moved to Karachi Pakistan. I completed my education in Karachi with a formal training of art in a local art institution. My profession Banking, fortunately provides me a stable, economic plat form and enable me to devote my time to art. Over these last decade I have externalised my outrage at the hypocrisy - religious, Social, economics - that cloaks and disguises our true intentions. In my works, I have peeled off, layer by layer, the fables that determine our lives. This is a conscious attempt to reflect in paintings, what lies beneath and beyond the levels & reels that condition our attitudes & obligations not just to each other - those level & reels that undermine the very foundations of society. I borrow the alphabets of childhood’s joys, from an earlier, simpler life - subject, medium, Skill and knowledge are all just tools an artist uses. The important thing is to express the self. I cannot say anything new but I can show you a hidden world inside me. Every once in a while I go back to roots and say something that has never been portrayed before - A world emphasising the simplicity and joy of spiritual content versus the present contemporary situation with all its perils.Telling you about my brief bio-data, I am really thankful to the Private Galleries of Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad, My friends and Art critics of Pakistan and abroad who supported and accepted me with a new identity.

THE recent body of work is a continuation of my past TWENTY TWO appearances at various art galleries in Pakistan and abroad. At each appearance I adopted a new vocabulary to paint the essence of truth with lines and layers. As transparency is the
Quintessence of naked reality, it remains constant on my surfaces. With a blend of feelings I express reality around through
Realism combined with modernism. In the remote recesses of my subconscious lies an effort to create a spiritual climate that
Touches the heart. I feel a new liberty when the beauty of every form is clear, visible and NOT overlapping each other creates a
Multidimensional view. I don't need to distort the naturalistic forms as done in cubism or other isms of art.
I have externalised my outrage at the hypocrisy-religious, social, economics-that cloaks and disguises our true intentions.
IN my works, a world emphasising the simplicity and joy of
Spiritual content versus the present contemporary situation with all its perils.


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