Kjell Folkvord

Artwork title
Alphabet for Blues and Greens
Artwork Media
Acrylic on linen, 110 x 90 cm
Artist Biography
To me my paintings are true expressions of something… they are a result of an investigation of my mind or memory…and they might be as complicated as reality is…
My paintings are usually colourful. The colours are the letters in my painting's language. They are syllables more than they represent reality in the world. I usually try to tell a story, and the image I have in my mind or memory, in my emotional layers. And when I do paint and work with a colour, this colour starts asking for a friend of his and I have to find it, or mix it. This is perhaps humanising the colours but that is how I sometimes feel.

I don't usually put representational elements into my paintings, as their reality (gestalt) is, but they are there anyway, because they are represented by colours, shapes and other elements. You don't see the house, you don't see the field, but I put it in. I might have to look carefully to recollect how I did it.

"I can see corn fields", said my sister-in-law, looking at one of my paintings. The yellow colour she was looking at was just put in there because it was "asked for". This happens often, and is fine with me. People see things through their own experience. This is how my paintings are "finished" by the viewer and it is exciting to hear what people see in them.

I don't always have a representational intent – in the sense of trying to portray an abstract representation of an object or an event, or a particular month, as in the Year series. When I am not trying to tell about May, or November, however – when what I am telling about is a dream, a fantasy, or a kind person I once met, for example, then I want my paintings to convey an emotion. Most of my paintings are trying to recreate the feeling of something rather than the thing itself. Sometimes I am aiming to evoke a particular emotion by recreating something I have experienced. Sometimes one just appears from my work. A radio program or a piece of music I have heard, a book I am reading – any of these things may cause feelings to appear in my paintings without me consciously putting them there.

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Kjell Folkvord, artist

Artistic media: Mostly Acrylic on linen/canvas and acrylic and inks on paper
Artistic style: Lyrical Abstract Expressionist
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