Jette van der Lende

Artwork title
He who lives on illusions, dies of disappointment.
Artwork Media
oil on canvas
Artist Biography
Lives and works in Oslo, Norway
2016 Oppegård Kunstforening exhibition at Rosenholm Campus August 31 – September 2.
2016 Exhibition of the Ley Dan Award winners at Ley Dan Gallery in Canada June 13 - June 20
2016 The Masterworks from the International Guild of Realism Tour, Albany Museum of Art, Albany GA
May 19th – July 26
2015 Exhibition with Riflessismo at Kongsvinger Fortress in the Arsenal. “Against violence”
The Masterworks from the International Guild of Realism Tour, R.W.Norton Gallery, Shreveport, LA
Mai 19th –July 26th
The Masterworks from the International Guild of Realism Tour, Appleton Museum of Art, Ocala FL
September 1th – October 31th
2014 Exhibition with IGOR in Robert Lange Studios, Charleston SC. November 7 – 28.
Exhibition in the Eiffel-Tower, Paris October 23.
Exhibition in World Museum Liverpool, July 3 – 6.
2013 Lloyd Gill Gallery, Lee house 13 Beaconsfield Road, Weston - Super - Mare 15th April – 10thof May
«Metaphysical Objectivity in Comparison to Realism”
Exhibition Riflessio in Arezzo June 29th – July 14th, "Art movement of Riflessismo
Solo exhibition in Kolben by the Art Society of Oppegård 9th - 23th March
2012 Chianciano International Art Award 2012 in Chianciano Art Museum, Italy September 15 - 22
Gagliardi Gallery, London27.April – 5.May
2011 The Chianciano Biennale, 13-27 September in Tuscany Italy
New Art Center, ArtLook. Bookrelease and exhibition December 27 – 31.
2010 The publication Contemporary Art Watch ArtLook deputing 25 November at The New Art Center
Arts Festival in October, in New York
CanCan, exhibition in New Art Centre, New York in January
2009 The Annual Fashion District Art Festival at New Art Center Oct. 16 to Oct. 18.
Galleri Galtung, Norway
Gulden Kunstverk, Norway
2008 First International Biennial of Contemporary Art of Chapingo 08, "Art with Root in the Earth"
In Chapingo, Texcoco, Estado de México,
Østlandsutstillingen, (national juried exhibition), in eastern Norway and Lübeck Germany
Trudy Labell Fine Art Gallery, Naples, Florida
Scottsdale Fine Art Gallery, Scottsdale, Arizona
2007 SmallWorks – The Greenwich Workshop, Connecticut
Scan, exhibition in New Art Center, New York
Biennale EMMA (European Masters of Modern Art) in Burgau, Austria.
2006 Palm Art Award Exhibition, Leipzig, Germany
2005 Biennale Florence, Florence, Italy
Østlandsutstillingen, (national juried exhibition), in eastern Norway and Kiel Germany
Solo with Oppegård Art Society, Norway
Veritas, Oslo, Norway
2004 Agora Gallery, Chelsea, New York
1999. Represented Norway in Winsor and Newtons worldwide millennium competition.
AWARDS selected
2017 Winning Whois Publisher Prize, Palm Art Award
2016 Winner of Leydan Painting Award
2011 2.prize at the Biennale Chianciano, given by The European Confederations of Art Critics
2010 Palm Art Award – Certificate of Excellence - given for outstanding quality and originality of her Art.
2010 ART NOW3 diploma of excellence - honorable award
2010 Selected for the participation to the 1st international award of painting, sculpture and graphics
City of New York”
2010 1BINNIAL of contemporary art, diploma of excellence – honorable award
2009 9th Female Artist’s Art Annual, “diploma of excellence” – honourable award
2007 1. prize of EMMA (European Masters of Modern Art)
2007 Palm Art Award - Merit Award - given in recognition an appreciation of the outstanding originality of
her Art.
The Association of Norwegian Visual Artists, Oslo, Norway
Danish association of Visual Artists
CAN, New York, NY
International Guild of Realism, IGOR, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA
2017 - Inspiration: International Art Book. Contemporary Masters Collection, ISBN 978-0-9969266-0-7
2017 - Internationale Kunst Heute, IKH – publishing Martina Kolle. ISBN 978-3-9816595-3-5
2016 - Article in International Artist Magazine no. 109
2015 - 2016 – Masters of the Realistic Imagery, Who is who in visual Art.
2013 - Selected to be presented in Women in Art , by Oliver and Reinhard Fuchs
2011 - Selected to be presented in “Best of Worldwide Still Life Artists Volume I book competition”.
2011 - Italian Arte
2011 - ArtLook, CAN
2011 - International Encyclopaedic dictionary of modern and contemporary art. International Academy Santarita
2011 - International Dictionary of Artists, WWAB
2010 - Quotations catalog. casa Editrice
2010 - Avanguardie Artistiche. Centro Diffisione Arte
2010 - International Register of Painters and Sculptors. Italia in Arte
2009 - Article in International Artist Magazine no.70
2009 - Article in “Kunst for Alle” now “Kunst” In Norway
2008 - 2014 who's who in visual art. Art Domain
2008 - La estetica y el arte contemporaneo. Atcultura
2007 - SEETAL
Nation of origin
Exhibition or Biennale Edition
International Art Award 2012