Deepa Khanna Sobti

Artwork title
Before the Questions
Artwork Media
Oil on Canvas
Artist Biography
I am a Singaporean national of Indian origin.

I have no formal education in art or philosophy. I hold an MBA degree with a finance major but gave up a decade long career in banking in 2000. Since a very early age, I was very curious to find the ultimate meaning of life and this curiosity led to a life long investigation of the mind and its manifestations. I began painting in 1999 and starting writing poetry in 2012. I write an original poem for each painting that I make and both are exhibited together.

My art style is abstract expressionist.

The biggest inspiration for my work is nature and the processes of corrosion and erosion, which produce unbelievable abstractions and dramatic stories as the natural pigments, and materials blend and lose themselves in each other. I use only a palette knife since it is held differently from a brush or a pen or pencil, which due to repetitive use, unconsciously move towards already learned shapes and forms from memory. The palette knife draws more on spontaneity and pushes me to steer away from all that is known.

I look for all overall balance and depth without any semblance of particularized form. My eyes seem to love the color black which inevitably seems to find itself into almost all my paintings. I like to challenge my mind with more and more intricate color and shape interactions while still striving for overall balance without succumbing to predictability and form. I only use Oil paints as a medium for my paintings.

Overall, my art and poetry make a strong suggestion to the viewer to investigate their present experience to realize what reality really is. And to see that the world as it is currently understood, is merely a relative imaginary construct comprising mainly of thought. And that even within that thought construct, there is no separation between the individual and the world he inhabits. And to pave the way for the 'Everything' and the 'Nothing' to shine through the mind. This is the reason my website is called –

I donate 75% profits from the sale of my works to six charities that I'm closely associated with.

I started exhibiting my work professionally in early 2014 and have had 18 exhibitions all over the world since then. I have also been awarded several global juried art prizes and my work has also been published in various publications worldwide.

As my identity as an artist and writer, I hope to be able to bring about a new way of thinking in my viewers. As they see that they as individuals are not separate from the world, not as a religious or spiritual learning, but just from actual investigation, then there is an acceptance of the world which we live in and there is a compassionate sense of universal responsibility.

Since I try to push the viewer to question their most venerate beliefs through a simple investigative prod, the most solid belief, which is in believing that ‘I am a separate, solitary individual in a world that I need protection from’ seems to be questioned for the first time by many. This can then lead to a loosening of all conflict since it is seen that ‘I am not separate from the other or from the world’ and can start a creative and simple, organic process in the mind following the new question – ‘Then who am I?’

As the personal story is slowly let go, there is enormous energy that then comes to the fore available for creativity, compassion, humor, joy and simplicity.
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