Artwork title
The Offering: Approaching
Artwork Media
Brass in hand made painted and stained wood frame.
Artist Biography
Baran-Mickle studied jewelry at California College of Arts and Crafts (BFA), Metalsmithing-Sculpture at the Rochester Institute of Technology (MFA), and Art History at Syracuse University (MA). His work has spanned from jewelry to traditional silversmithing to sculpture using metalsmtihing techniques. For the last decade, he has concentrated on wall reliefs. He uses additive processes fabricating formed sheet metals to a depth between “mezzo” and “alto rilievo.” “Baran-Mickle’s metal work allows the viewer to circumnavigate in a symbolic world in which the imaginary and the real are seamlessly merged. His technique, so stylistically predetermined in its exactitude, is perfectly suited to sideswipe the viewer with a deadpanned presentation of the inexplicable and the unforeseen. “ (Art critic John Austin)
He has exhibited throughout the US since 1978. Internationally, he has exhibited in the Chianciano and London Biennials, receiving awards in each. This is his second exhibition with in the Chianciano Biennale.
Nation of origin
United States of America
Exhibition or Biennale Edition