Vera Carbone

Exhibition date: 
Creative Connotations: 2nd - 27th August 2017
Since 1980 he has devoted himself professionally to contemporary painting, creating a unique and personal style from the figurative to surrealism. Vera Carbone has received numerous awards and reviews from famous art critics and is present in several daily newspapers, catalogs, including Mondadori. "True, it aims to eternate the canyon of the atmospheric phenomena, including lunar eclipses and suns. It is so on its various shades, along with the games of light; Hence the presence of white lines that sometimes take the appearance of a human figure to indicate, through a line of Arianna, the course to follow to get out of the labyrinth and ultimately win the freedom of expression ... "(Vinicio Coppola)
Artwork Title: 
Papaveri con spighe di grano