Mariesa Ciullo

Exhibition date: 
Expressions of the Mind: 5th - 30th July 2017

She was born in Presicce, Lecce’s county, Italy.  She got a DEGREE ( Laurea) in FOREIGN LANGUAGES AND LITERATURE as well as a DEGREE in LAW.

She began her  artistic activity in PARIS - GRAND PALAIS , where she was admitted to Salon des Artistes Français and also to Salon des Artistes Indépendants at the end of the ’70s and  in the early ’80s.She continued  achieving Fine Art Exhibitions  in : DEAUVILLE – 1980; CANNES - 1981 - 1982 - 1984 – 1987; GENÈVE - 1992 – 2017 ; VICHY - 1995 – 1996; BRUXELLES – 1981.

Main themes were represented by nudes and landscapes, treated very softly, by delicate shapes of colour.

She lived In France for long time as she got married to a Frenchman, so she used to live between Paris and Orléans. 

As far as her style, the artist absorbed the Greek culture, very close to her native country, the French Impressionist  art, the Symbolists, the Surrealists’ ideal too. Cocteau’s vision, object of study during  her student youth, also influenced her artwork about the fantastic, the unknown.

Late, she approached to Modigliani’s humane Art, to eccentric Matisse, to Fauves’ art as well. Therefore, her brushstroke became stronger, textural, less veiled.

Mariesa Ciullo  had several exhibitions in Italy too, in particular in Rome, where she got  the Ist Special Mention  by Leonardo da Vinci Academy, in 1982. Then, she was at Barcaccia Fine Art Gallery, in Lecce, as well as in Gallipoli, Otranto,Santa Maria di Leuca, arousing a lot of interest to her new way of painting seen through different techniques, such as: oil on canvas, acrylic on canvas, water colour, charcoal, India ink, collage.

Her travels to Greece, Spain, Romania, Switzerland, Belgium, Great Britain had a positive impact on her background, as she could refine her own visual and conceptual vocabulary through both Asian traditions and the Middle East Culture which  have emerged in  her recent works, especially in her emphasized coloured spatial analysis.

The study of Law gave her art,a great contribution  as it made it become more realistic, more sensitive to Mediterranean culture of poor people, to their daily secular activities.

She received  AWARDS, DIPLOMAS in addition to SPECIAL MENTIONS over several  international art exhibitions.

In the ‘80s and ‘90s, Mariesa Ciullo’s  paintings were regularly exhibited at Fine Art Cigarini’s Gallery, in Geneva. Consequently, they can be found  both in public and private art Collections.

She currently lives in Lecce but she  often travels abroad searching other moral, religious truths.

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