Kjell Folkvord

Exhibition date: 
Expressions of the Mind: 5th - 30th July 2017

“The aim of Art is not to represent the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.”  -Aristotle.

This quotation represents my aim as a painter: to communicate from my inner landscape with colours, lines and forms.  Colours are letters to me, coming together to form “words”. My experience, emotions, memories and cognitive resources are my tools.

Experimentation is important: to walk down a rarely traveled road. My main medium is acrylic on canvas, but I also make compositions on paper.

Often, my experimentation leads me to create series of paintings so as to link elaments of a theme.  These have included NINE PAINTINGS  (inspired by the nine symphonies of Beethoven), SIX DAYS PLUS ONE (impressions of the days of the week from my childhood in Norway) and more recently, JAZZ PAINTINGS, two of which are exhibited at the London Biennale: each painting is influenced by a different track on Miles Davis' album "Kind of Blue" All the paintings in the various series can stand alone as individual works, or can be seen as a continuum.

I am a young artist and a not so young person. Self-taught, I have painted since I was a young man, but I have worked full time as an artist only in the last decade or so.

An artist has to make choices and decisions. I try to be a “medium”; an interpreter.  When I express what is essential to me, I hope I might speak to others.  One such choice is to emphasize the positive.    Accordingly, my aesthetic is bright and colourful. Not all colourful things are beautiful and, conversely, many muted expressions are beautiful.

I have noticed that many people look for objects in my abstract paintings and sometimes they are intentionally there. However, the essence of my work is emotion: the emotion that an event or an object elicits in me, rather than the thing itself.

In 2010 I moved to London from rural Norway to re-marry.   This move to a new culture and a new environment has enriched my art.   Things I see and hear subconsciously and consciously work their way into my paintings.    Although clearly informed by my Norwegian soul, my work is meant to be universal and to be completed by the viewer’s mind and the viewer’s emotions.  In that way, it becomes as much theirs as mine.

I am now a full time artist at Wimbledon Art Studios.

Artwork Title: 
Coat of Arms