De Medici's Grotto

A journey through time, places, cultures and myth. Visit the De Medici's Grotto underneath the 12th Century town of Chianciano Terme and discover the history of the most important family in Renaissance Italy in a wonderfully stimulating setting. The history of this prestigious Family that not only was the most influential dynasty in the Renaissance period in Florence, but also has governed in Chianciano. Cosimo I was nominated Archduke of Florence by the Pope Pius V of which a historical oil on canvas commissioned by the Count Cervini in the 16th century and created by Palma the Younger, reknown artist who terminated the Pieta' of Titian after his death is exhibited in the Grotto. The reproduction of the inventions of Leonardo Da Vinci, who was the Lorenzo il Magnifico protégée, are shown as well in the Grotto with many more surprises and curiosities.

Chianciano Medieval Centre
What's inside: 
Try on Medieval costumes!
History of Chianciano Terme
History of the Medici Family of Florence