Christina Fufezan

Exhibition date: 
Language of Art: 30th August - 24th September 2017

Christina Fufezan was born in Poland but with German origins. She has lived for a period of her life in Romania working in the Statistic Department of the Health office. In the following years she moved to Germany through family reuniunion.

Her passion for painting and her intensity for self-creation are spiritual for her, full of emotion and visions. She collect ideas for her works not only when she travels abroad but also from her inexhaustible source of dreams and visions. Her favourite paints are Acrylic and Oil on canvas and her works cover a wide range of categories such as landscapes, flowers, relationships, portraits, biblic scenes, visions and dream worlds.

Artwork Title: 
Bildungszentrum Planet Erde; Materialisation und die Dematerialisation der Energie des Geistes.
oil on canvas