Annemarie Oshelda

Exhibition date: 
Creative Connotations: 2nd - 27th August 2017

Annemarie Oshelda was born in Vienna, Austria 8th December 1959. January 1980 Annemarie came to London and life unfolded for her, which eventually led to Annemarie becoming a British Citizen. Since her childhood Annemarie has developed her drawing abilities, but she has begun to use colour during her first years in London. Annemarie studied 3 years Painting and Drawing, and Art Foundation at 'SIR JOHN CASS SCHOOL of ART', London,UK

Listening to music and playing the bass guitar or piano, often are the energy and inspiration to her art and an important part of her life. Annemarie hopes to capture the movement, the spirit and the feeling of connection or of awe of what inspires her, such as the magic of nature or of incredible manmade structures, aspiring that one can 'Walk Into Her Paintings and Lose or Find Oneself. Annemarie aims to express this by combining figurative elements and moving towards the abstract.

Artwork Title: 
Mortello tower
oil on canvas