Aleksandra Kann Bogomilska

Exhibition date: 
Expressions of the Mind: 5th - 30th July 2017

Aleksandra Kann-Bogomilska was born in Poland, Warsaw. Her parents, Piotr Kann and Zofia Pociłowska were sculptors. 

In 1984 she has received a diploma in the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. 

In 1990 - scholarship of a Minister of Culture and Art.

Member of the Association of Polish Artists and Designers (Poland) and Salon Automne Intrrnationale (France).

She is a sculptor, painter and a conservator and restorer of monuments. Her conservatory achievements, connected mainly with sculpture, were awarded with the highest golden prize of Polish Ministry of Culture and Cultural Heritage for „ (…) the care given to monuments”. 

Her works, especially those connecting paintings and sculptures, dance and music, indicate the correspondence of arts. This way they explain her emotions, fascination of space, movement, color and sound. Light plays a special role in her art, sometimes literally presented by a flame of a candle but more often as transcendent phenomena. The subject of her art is varied: portrait in sculpture and painting, landscape, erotic and cosmos. Every work is different from the previous one, both in technique and in expression. Nevertheless, despite the constant search for new means of expression, in each piece there is an individual, recognizable gasp of the artist. Salon d'Automne '2013

Art work include:

Sculpture (marble, limestone, granite, ceramic, bronze – also portraits in sculpture)

Paintings (oil, watercolor, other – portraits and landscapes)

Works which combine paintings and sculptures

Designing and supervision connected with memorials – all materials. 

Works by Aleksandra Kann-Bogomilska were displayed on ten individual exhibitions: in Polish Social and Cultural Association Gallery (POSK) in London and twenty other collective displays in Warsaw, Berlin, Sofia, Sydney, New Delhi (11th TRIENNALE – INDIA '2003-04 - National Academy of Art), Paris (Salon d'Automne 2013, 2014, 2015; SNBA - Carroussel du Louvre '2014; Galerie Mona Lisa (VI Arr. 2015), Tel Aviv (Salon Automne International Paris-Israel '2014), Strasbourg (Sculpturum - Salon Europeen de la Sculpture '2015).

Artwork Title: 
Stone Sculpture